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Small Strokes


Below are a few examples - I hope you like them...

Oraiste 1

Oraiste - Irish Wolfhound

One of my favourite portraits. Using only light coloured pencils on smooth black artboard give an almost photo-realistic depth to the wiry fur and a moody look to that mad-eyed stare.

Wattle and Daub

Foghorn Leghorn was always a favourite when I watched cartoons as a boy - you have to love the Cockiness of a Rooster - bold pastel strokes try to convey some of the combination of Dandyism and agression!



Pastel on Pastelmat

One of my best friends, Julian, has lived in Tokyo for nearly 40 years now. This is his second border terrier - another great character



Like some of my forays into linocut, I love the challenge of thinking in reverse when working with scraperboard


Eagle Owl

Pastel on Fabriano BLACK BLACK paper.

It's hard to find a properly black background - the Fabriano paper is the nearest I've got so far and it makes a lovely surface for pastels. I use a combination of Pan Pastels (using sponge eye make-up applictors) and pastel pencils for fine detail.

Rash in the Dark

She does love a good sofa....


Stag Night

I like to experiment and always be learning something new. This stag beetle was painted using home made ink. My granddaughter (Emi) scoured her school palying field for oak galls. We ground these up and soaked them for a day or so before adding Iron Sulphate and filtering. This is a very ancient recipe used for documents in the Middle Ages. It produces a lovely warm black ink that binds indelibly to the paper and darkens over time.

Toad in the Hole

Another Oak Gall Ink painting

Old Boy McGill_edited.jpg

'Old Boy' McGill

'Old Boy' McGill

Another lovely Wolfhound.

Charcoal and Pastel on pastelboard


Oraiste ("Rashty")

A simple pencil sketch of Rashty.

Someone once said to me: "Wolfhounds don't have owners - they have staff!"

When I get out of my comfortable chair to open the door for the umpteenth time just so she can sniff the evening air  I am inclined to agree, but you'll never meet a more gentle dictator...

Wolfhounds never quite seem to know what to do with their legs when they lie down - crossing their legs is apparently a common trait.



I can't honestly say I am a huge fan of cats, but Minty, Kurt's cat has masses of character.

Took me a week to try and sort out all those tabby cat patterns in her fur though...dogs are definitely easier.

The Blues Hounds

Rashty is just naturally cool - she so suits a pair of Blues Brothers shades borrowed from my son-in-law.

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