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Earthquakes, guns, bears, rattlesnakes and tortoises - oh, and digital toilets… take a tour of the globe with five epic bicycle adventures:

  • Tierra Del Fuego to Buenos Aires through the wilds of Patagonia: ever wondered what it’s like to try cycling into a wind that is, literally, strong enough to blow you off your feet?

  • Canada to Mexico: billed as the world’s toughest mountain bike tour, follow the US continental divide along the crest of the Rocky Mountains dodging rogue bears and rattlesnakes on the way.

  • St Malo to Budapest: follow four of Europe’s greatest rivers, the Loire, Moselle, Rhine and Danube to the capital of the old Hapsburg empire. Just for fun, try it on a recumbent tricycle.

  • Hokkaido and Kyushu: tour the extremities of Japan, wooden castles, earthquakes, volcanoes and very strange toilets.

  • Bonus material: A journal of a quick jaunt from Land’s End to John O’Groats, adventure in our own backyard.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller, just thinking of planning your first long distance trip on a bicycle or an armchair voyager who prefers to take your adventure with a cup of tea and a soft cushion, this collection of cycling tales will make you laugh, make you wince, and perhaps inspire you to take off on an adventure of your own…


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Funny, engaging and informative.

Whether you like your adventures from the comfort of an armchair or perched on a saddle you'll love it...

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For anyone who ever thought "I'd love to travel the world by bike..."

There are some great stories here to inspire you to get up and go.

A laugh out loud set of ripping yarns


About Pat Foreman

As well as writing tales of Epic Travels I've written two fantasy adventures - The Tales of Rodentia:

- Escape from the Rat King 


- The Uncivil War

I spend a lot of my spare time drawing and painting (mostly dogs) and tending to the requirements of my ridiculously large Irish Wolfhound