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Pat Foreman

Author / Artist / Cyclist / Dog lover



As an artist, author and dog lover, it's great fun when you are able to combine all of your passions in one: A new detective series (the Upchapel Trilogy) featuring my favourite canine duo (Rashty the Irish Wolfhound and Moo her sidekick Staffie) does just that. I hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I did writing it!

Rashty the Wolfhound Detective is on the trail again, with her trusty side-kick the Staffordshire terrier Moo.

Deep in the Kentish countryside there is a new development planned for the old wharf at Beaversham Creek, but there is something fishy in the air. A journalist investigating the company behind the application goes missing and a body is found in the creek, but the Police are struggling to get to the bottom of it. 

Instead, Rashty and Moo are driven to investigate the worlds of journalism, corruption and high finance in an attempt to sniff out the truth.

In a dog-eat-dog world, though, the question remains - will the truth be enough to ensure justice?


Somebody Else’s Opportunity is the second book in the Upchapel Trilogy. You can also read Rashty and Moo’s first investigation, Somebody Else’s Tragedy. The third, and final, volume will be released early next year.

Rashty and Moo 2

Somebody Else's Tragedy:
A Rashty and Moo Investigation

(Volume 1 of the Upchapel Trilogy)

As the County Lines phenomenon spreads its evil economy deep into the Kentish Countryside, two amateur sleuths are drawn one winter evening to the murder site of an elderly neighbour.

While the Police are struggling to find witnesses or evidence to explain such an apparently random, brutal killing our two detectives have a distinct advantage in sniffing out clues - they are both dogs.

But even Rashty (a giant Irish Wolfhound) and Moo, her partner (a Staffordshire Terrier) are without leads until they call in some help from a mad Spaniel called Jax, recently retired from sniffer duty at Heathrow.

Following their noses they are drawn into the murky and violent world of drug dealing and exploitation, only to discover that guilt and innocence are not quite as clear cut as they might seem…


“Somebody Else’s Tragedy” is the first episode from the dog-eared canine casebook of Rashty and Moo Investigations.


About Pat Foreman

As well as writing Wolfhound detective stories I have published a collection of tales of Epic Cycling adventures (Epicycel) and written two fantasy adventures (The Tales of Rodentia):

- Escape from the Rat King 


- The Uncivil War

I spend a lot of my spare time drawing and painting (mostly dogs) and tending to the requirements of my ridiculously large Irish Wolfhound

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